Window Cleaning

What is Window Cleaning?

Window Cleaning is the procedure of washing or cleaning glass windows and surfaces to remove dust, dirt and other substances. With the help of modern tools and equipment, and improved safety standards, cleaning windows is not as hard as it was before but it makes sense to employ a professional cleaning service. Our main services include commercial cleaning for businesses; industrial cleaning for factories and builders; domestic cleaning for houses and residential properties. We cover chain companies that require nation-wide services also by contacting a member of our team. So, what are the different types of window cleaning?

The Benefits of Window Cleaning

Your company or home exterior is a major investment. Before customers, clients or sometimes even family and friends ever step foot in your property, they’ll have formed an impression based on what the outside of the building looks like. If you have dirty, dingy or grimy windows, a bad impression is formed. Find out all the benefits of hiring a professional window washing company with help from Active Cleaning: